Submit a Claim - Instructions

If you purchased Hefty and Great Value brand Recycling bags from July 20, 2018, through August 30, 2023, you may be eligible to receive a check payment from this Settlement. Claim Forms must be submitted online or postmarked by December 13, 2023. Claim Forms received after the deadline will be deemed untimely and may not be accepted.

A Settlement Class Member who submits a valid Claim shall receive a payment of $2.00 for each Product purchased by the Settlement Class Member. A Settlement Class Member does not have to provide Proof of Purchase for the first six (6) Products claimed for a total of twelve dollars ($12). Proof of Purchase is required for every Product claimed over six (6) Products. A Settlement Class Member can make a claim of up to twenty-five (25) Products for a total of fifty dollars ($50). The total payment due to the Settlement Class Member will be provided via a single check payable to the Settlement Class Member. The list of the Covered Products is available here.

Claims are limited to one Claim Form per household.

For more information about the Settlement benefits available, please review the FAQs, the Notice, and the Settlement Agreement before completing your claim.

How to File Online:

To file online, you will be asked to provide contact information and purchase information for Hefty and Great Value brand Recycling bags Products you purchased, including type, date of purchase, and location. If you are submitting a claim with Proof of Purchase, please have your documentation ready before you start to file, as you will not be able to save your progress and return later to finish. Documentation that is uploaded must be less than 20 MB per file and in one of these formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, tiff, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, txt, rtf, or zip. Supporting documentation (if submitted) should be clear, readable copies, as they will not be returned to you. If you are unable to upload your supporting documentation as part of the online Claim Form, you will need to mail a printed Claim Form along with your documentation to the Claim Administrator.

After submitting your completed Claim online, you will receive an email with a confirmation code for your completed submission. Be sure to keep your confirmation email and code and refer back to them if you have any questions about your Claim Form.

Please click the button below to get started.

How to File by Mail:

To file by mail, you may download a copy of the paper Claim Form here or request a copy be mailed to you by calling the Claim Administrator at 1-877-272-3437 (Toll-Free). Then, type or legibly print all requested information, sign, and date it. Mail your completed Claim Form, including any supporting documentation, to the Claim Administrator at the following address:

Gudgel et al. v. Reynolds Consumer Products, Inc. et al.
c/o Claim Administrator
P.O. Box 2197
Portland, OR 97208-2197

Upon receiving a completed Claim Form, the Claim Administrator will review the Claim Form and the documentation (if applicable) to confirm or deny your eligibility for a monetary payment. If you fail to provide required documentation for purchases greater than six (6), you may receive a Deficiency Notification by email or U.S. Mail if you have not provided a valid email address.

Please keep copies of everything you submit, as your Claim may be audited, and you could be asked to provide additional information to process your Claim.

Remember, all Claim Forms must be submitted online or postmarked no later than December 13, 2023.